I understand the importance of quality editing and its positive impact on my clients’ final products. Having edited thousands of documents over my twenty years of teaching and freelancing, I have the experience to grasp the intent of a piece by learning my client's intentions, seeing the big picture, and attending to details. 

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As a professional, I’ve discovered more demand for this service than I imagined. I enjoy brainstorming creative ideas with clients and then using my knowledge and literary experience to come up with something they can use for inspiration, concentration, or relaxation.


Feedback and Support

Original curriculum design, supplemental instruction, and basic support for your current academic classes.  

  • Critique and feedback on writing effectively and appropriately

  • Identify characteristics of effective prose, including audience, purpose and tone

  • Develop an individual voice

  • Choose an effective structure for a piece of writing

  • Revise writing based on self-editing and comments from writing coach

  • Express ideas with greater assurance and precision

  • Understand and use coherent syntax and style

  • Purpose, audience and the writing process

  • Putting the building blocks together to develop structure

  • Choosing the right words for tone and voice

  • Revision, including content, organization and word choice

  • Revision of punctuation, spelling, grammar and formatting

  • How to critique others’ work and accept criticism as feedback

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