Original curriculum design, supplemental instruction, and basic support for your current academic classes.  This includes editing; resume writing; cover letters; personal statements; CV editing; dissertations/theses; academic research; standardized test-prep (SAT; GRE; AP; LSAT) 


What would you consider to be the higher experiences of telling your story? Better client response? A good grade in a class? Career growth? A sense of completion?  

However simple, however urgent, whether for business or for personal reasons, by opening our eyes to our stories, we see and appreciate those of others.

My role as a storyteller is simply an ongoing exploration of the discipline, the ecstasy, the relief of narrative. Both meditation and writing work together.

They respond to our impulse within to tell and create stories. We are the beauty of the art itself.


An academic and teacher of literature, I spent years living and writing in various cold climates in the United States. I now reside in Northern CA practicing yoga, teaching literature, and writing as much as I can. I've authored four novels, one novella, and one non-fiction book, all of which are underway for editing and eventual publication. You can follow me and my writing marathon on my blog.

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My integrative-coaching style grows out of more than three decades of combined work as a teacher, mentor, literature scholar, creative writer, and yoga student. My academic work is inspired by my interests in rhetoric, writing, aesthetics, philosophy, music, and questions about generating, organizing, doing, and re-evaluating the creative process and applications to daily work. My mantra for teaching, coaching, and yoga is relaxation, concentration, inspiration. Relaxation is key to clarity and insight.  Relaxation, Concentration, Inspiration.

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