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Books and Birds in 2019

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Dear friends, students, and patrons, Happy New Year to you and to yours.


The new year rings in both concentration and relaxation goals for me including this updated blog and and more nature walks and bird-watching. In addition, I'm learning to watch my own compass and to travel with it. I'm very excited to launch my new site and to continue moving forward into my vacational vocation as a coach, teacher, writer, and burgeoning armchair-ornithologist.

I've boldly set myself a 13.2 mile goal in the SF Half Marathon (goodbye sciatica!) and I am excited to be writing weekly blog posts on the NEW! Just Write BLOG.

Please subscribe if you have not subscribed already, so that I can share with you  my new articles about life, writing, creativity, meditation, teaching_Hamlet_ , best practices, and distillations of life advice I glean from the masters, my students.

What are your goals for 2019?   Please reply and share any specific creativity or writing goals or business goals you're setting for yourself this year!  Would love to hear from you about your new projects and invite you to my book parties when they launch, both online and here at my favorite locations in SF / East Bay and North Bay.

For my part, in 2019, I'm taking better care of the backyard birds than ever before. I have three feeding stations and cardinals made an appearance (even though I'm told they don't live around here). The blue jays seem to be skinnier and have longer features than those in New England. I'm also reading about the "Birds of Berkeley" from Oliver James. Moreover, I'll be working on professional growth and leadership training, and enriching my coaching pedagogy with my OWN writing coach, which is no surprise because every time I relax more I write more. I'm very excited to be finally navigating self-publishing. It's been really great to work with a consultant for my own layout and creative trajectory of some books I've had on my mind for a good baker's dozen of years. 

More about the birds and books to come.

Thank you for your support and feedback.



I'm learning to watch my own compass and to travel with it well.

Creator, Just Write Coaching

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Jun 16, 2019, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
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Never underestimate the value of a writing coach and personal coach. I hired my coach because his initials were right. They mirrored my "nom de plume" and so I hired him. Presto! Instant Motivation. The result? 300,000 words of fiction to edit by June. Celebrate with me when it's all done!
Happy Valentine's Day to the One I Love: My New Book!
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