• M. Ciccone

Preface: The Politics of Youth

This is a collection of essays that speak to contemporary research and developments in both informal and academic rhetorical studies about youth, empowerment, and citizenship. Specifically, the focus is on American Public education, the opportunities and limitations, boundaries and progress made across the country in public school sectors versus private; the aim is to enhance discussion about youth empowerment, redefine and examine current definitions and discussion about it, explore new meanings and opportunities for citizen journalism, youth empowerment for social change, meanings of change making, and contemporary education in America. In a larger unit of analysis I examine broader historical context of American history, through key texts used both in the classroom or lacking, or replete with potential for classroom pedagogy. This book is both an exegesis of contemporary discussions central to education, meanings and values thereof. The fundamental aim is to provide guidance and motivation for educators and anyone interested in rhetorical analysis focusing on education and democracy.

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