Tutoring for all grade levels: primary-, secondary-, and college-levelstudents 

Depending on your goals, tutoring services can include original curriculum design, supplemental instruction, and basic support for your current academic classes.  

  • Critique and feedback on writing effectively and appropriately
  • Identify characteristics of effective prose, including audience, purpose and tone
  • Develop an individual voice
  • Choose an effective structure for a piece of writing
  • Revise writing based on self-editing and comments from writing coach
  • Express ideas with greater assurance and precision
  • Understand and use coherent syntax and style
  • Identify and correct common grammatical errors

Specialized Instruction:

  • Purpose, audience and the writing process
  • The sentence as a building block
  • The paragraph as a building block
  • Putting the building blocks together to develop structure
  • Choosing the right words for tone and voice
  • Using the right words for details, metaphor and points of view
  • Revision, including content, organization and word choice
  • Revision of punctuation, spelling, grammar and formatting
  • How to critique others’ work and accept criticism as feedback


      Academic Tutoring

        • College students (undergraduates and graduate students)
        • English as a Second Language
        • Grades K-6
        • Grades 7-12 ELD/ELA/Writing Across the Curriculum
        • Summer Reading Programs
        • Test-Taking
        • Study Skills 
      • How We Work:

        • Discussion forums (online or on-location)
        • Journal assignments (option)
        • Practice exercises (customized option)
        • Short essay and revision (option)
        • Final project revisions (editing services and consulting

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